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Metro Managed IT is a computer technology company providing small business IT for a fixed monthly fee. Our exclusive ActiveWatch® service makes your network our responsibility, managing computers, servers and networks. ActiveWatch® is an easy way for you to lower IT support costs while practically eliminating frustrating computer problems, error messages, and downtime, making your network run faster with fewer problems. Get the computer support you need for one low, fixed monthly rate without any surprises, hidden costs, or the expense of a full time IT staff!

Attention — Metro DC business owners!

Never Be Stuck With Computer Problems Again

All the IT Support You Need for
One Low, Fixed Monthly Fee,
Without Any Surprises or Hidden Costs!

Dear Fellow Business Owner:

I bet you are amazed at how arrogant some computer technicians are.

You leave a message in their voice mail and hours later they call you back. They can make you wait for days before actually showing up to fix your problem. Once they arrive they spend hours and hours trying to fix your problems knowing all the while the longer they take to fix them, the more money they make. And then they wonder why you are upset and surprised at their bill.

Enough Is Enough!

I say it's time this problem is fixed. Metro Managed IT offers a revolutionary plan for delivering fast, accurate and affordable computer and network support. Support that you can count on to be started quickly, performed professionally, reliably and courteously, fully guaranteed and all for a reasonable fixed monthly fee.

Unlike other companies that profit from your your IT problems, Metro Managed IT's ActiveWatch® plans are designed to prevent computer and network problems. And if problems do arise, it's our problem and our expense, not yours! Our programs are designed to prevent IT problems from escalating into downtime or data loss business interruptions.

Free 27-Point Audit

If this sounds interesting to you, if you would like to learn a more about us and our ActiveWatch® services at no risk, you are invited to sign up for our FREE 27-Point Problem Prevention Audit. This service, normally sold for $495 is being offered FREE to a limited number of prospective clients.

FREE Problem Prevention Network Audit Gets You Started

At no cost or obligation, we’ll come on site to perform a complete Problem Prevention Audit to see if your network is properly maintained for maximum speed, security, and performance. We’ll look for hidden problems like spyware, failing hard drives, or out-of-date security patches, as well as check your network’s security, system back ups, and other critical maintenance issues that can turn into extended downtime and expensive repair bills.

Upon completion, we’ll give you a detailed Network Report Card showing where your network is vulnerable to security attacks or other failures, as well as provide recommendations on how to resolve these issues as quickly and inexpensively as possible.

We’ll also quote you a fixed monthly fee to support your entire office based on the number of PCs, complexity of your network, and age of your hardware and software so you never have to worry about network problems again.

Click here to request your free 27-Point Problem Prevention Network Audit.


Metro Managed IT - Small Business IT for a Fixed Monthly Fee

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